The High Efficiency Network (HEN) utilized by ACO Partner (ACOP) participating providers is designed to provide your patients with experienced providers, performing highly efficient care while managing their additional out-of-pocket expenses. The HEN guide identifies providers within a selected geographic distance of your office or the patient’s home or work address, including specialists, radiology/imaging centers, and outpatient services. The network was derived based on claims-based analytics utilizing the McKesson Risk Manager technology, case mix index, and efficiency index. When making referrals for your ACOP/BCBSAZ® patients, please use this guide, along with your best judgment, as a reference to locate highly efficient providers. If you would like assistance in referring your patients, your designated ACO Partner Care Coordinator is happy to assist you and your staff.

For further information regarding the High Efficiency Network reference guide, please contact your designated ACOP Care Coordinator.

For technical assistance regarding the High Efficiency Network please contact Alex Halloran at Alex.Halloran@acopartner.com

Thank you.